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Virginia Institute for Public Policy (Abingdon, VA)

The Virginia Institute for Public Policy is an independent, nonpartisan, education and research organization committed to the goals of individual opportunity and economic growth. Through research, policy recommendations, and symposia, the Institute works ahead of the political process to lay the intellectual foundation for a society dedicated to individual liberty, dynamic entrepreneurial capitalism, private property, the rule of law, and constitutionally limited government.

Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy (Alexandria, VA)

The mission of the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy is to provide Virginia’s political, business, academic, community and media leadership with thoughtful, realistic, useful and non-partisan analysis of public policy issues confronting our Commonwealth. These alternative policy ideas focus on state and local issues and are based on the Institute’s belief in free markets, limited government and individual responsibility. The general areas of interest for this Institute are reforming government, economic development, improving health.

Freedom Action Center (Rexburg, ID)

The Freedom Action Center aims to rally, educate, and engage conservatives on key issues pertaining to liberty, and to help organizations and individuals “connect, unite, and win” in communities across America. Join us as we work to restore liberty.

Virginia Constitutional Conservatives (Leesburg, VA)

The mission of the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives is to protect and defend the great American principles of individual liberty, constitutional government, and free markets, by means of political activity. VCC is a statewide political entity with three major strategic goals:

Secure VA PAC (Website)

Secure VA PAC is a political action committee started by former Virginia State Senator Bill Carrico. Its mission is to develop conservative strategies and plans to provide security to all Virginians.

For Virginia PAC (Website)

We are dedicated exclusively to one goal: getting conservatives elected to federal office in Virginia. CLF was founded in 2020 and supports conservative candidates for the House of Representatives and US Senate, and counters the efforts of well-funded left-wing groups seeking to elect liberals in Virginia.

Virginia League of Conservation Voters (Richmond, VA)

The Virginia League of Conservation Voters serves as the political voice of the state’s conservation community, working to make sure Virginia’s elected officials recognize that our natural heritage is an environmental and economic treasure for all. Virginia LCV elects conservation leaders to statewide office and strives for a conservation majority in state government.